Create Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders

You can create a purchase order to keep things smooth and organized for your organization’s ordering and purchasing process. 

Create and Save a Purchase Order 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases).  
  1. Click on the +Add Purchase Order button. 
  1. Fill the required information in the purchase order fields. 
  1. Click either:  
    • Save as Draft: To save the Purchase Order as a draft. 
    • Approve: To approve the Purchase Order. 

Purchase Order Fields 

Fields Description 
Contact In the contact field, you enter the name of the supplier you would like to order products from. Clickentry creates a new contact in case the entering name is not in the existing contact list.  
Date Defaults its the current date but you can change this. 
Delivery date This is the expected date of the delivery of the products from the supplier 
Order number This is the expected date of the delivery of the products from the supplier 
Reference The Reference field lets you mention any specific information to the purchase order that will help you in searching the bill. This field has a 50 character limit. 
Currency Either you can select a foreign currency that is already added or can click the +Add Currency button to add a new currency. 
Amounts are Select either option:
Amounts are tax Inclusive: If tax is included in the net amount that is equal to the gross amount of the Item.
Amounts are tax exclusive: If tax is not included in the net amount and will be charged separately.
Amounts don’t include tax: If the item or service is not taxable. 
Delivery Instructions  

Purchase Order Line Fields 

To add a new item, click on the Add another option to your purchase order and click on the remove icon (X) beside the line item to delete it. 

Fields Description 
Item You can select an inventory item if you have already set up it for your organization. It helps in speeding up data entry by automatically filling in purchase order fields with the information you’ve saved against your inventory items.

If you want to create a new inventory item then click on the + Add Item option. 
Description Here you can add some text to describe the goods or services you’re ordering for.  
Quantity Here you can enter the number of items you want to purchase. 
Unit price Here you add the Price per Item or the Price per Hour for the service. 
Disc % If the supplier is providing you some discount then you can enter the discount percentage in this field. 
Account In Accounts dropdown you can choose the Nominal Code which belongs to the Item/Service. You can add a new Nominal Code from the Add Account button given in Dropdown. 
Tax rate In Tax Rate, either you can select from the given tax rate options or you can add new custom tax from Add Tax Button given in Dropdown. 

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