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Get The Full Picture of Your Business Performance

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Key Measures Beautifully Displayed

Business accounting software tracks key performance indicators with visual charts and graphs—pulling from a customizable range of data including net profit on net sales, debt to equity, gross profit, and more.

Deeper Insights, Better Decisions

Drill down from the dashboard to show more detail, get in-depth analysis, and gain understandings that let you make informed decisions with confidence.

Set Goals and Track Performance

Track your business KPIs right from the program. Your portal lets you see what areas are doing well and which areas need work.

See Your Favourites at A Glance

Keep your favourite KPIs on your dashboard to see the health of your organization at a glance.

Favourites at A Glance

Clickentry allows you to make good decisions since data visualized in real time lets you see how your business is doing.

– Rick Jackson, Arbor Age