Copy Purchase Orders

Copy Purchase Orders

Clickentry has the provision to copy an approved or billed purchase orders to a new one. It saves the user’s time.  

How it Works 

  • You can copy a purchase order to a Bill or Invoice but make sure the total line items don’t exceed 100 Lines. 
  • To help you keep track of your purchases, the purchase order history includes links to original orders. The purchase order numbers display in the Reference field and you can edit these. 
  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases (Accounts >> Purchases).  
  1. Scroll down to the Purchase Order section.  
  1. Select the status tab where your purchase order exists. 
  1. Find and open the purchase order that you want to copy to a new purchase order. 
  1. Click on the Purchase Order Options button and select the Copy to New Purchase Order
  1. Click Ok
  1. Make the changes as needed. 
  1. Click either: 
    • Save as Draft: To save the purchase order as a draft. 
    • Approve: To approve the purchase order. 

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