View Voided or Deleted Customer Credit Notes

View Voided or Deleted Customer Credit Notes

You can view and process voided or deleted customer credit notes at any time. 

How it Works 

  1. Clicking on a contact name, you can view their details. 
  1. You can view the credit note history and can also enter a new note. 
  1. You cannot view the Voided or Deleted credit notes in graphs or reports. 

Find a Deleted or Voided Customer Credit Note 

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales)
  1. Select the Void status tab to see the voided credit note. You cannot see a deleted credit note in Clickentry. 
  1. Find and open the credit note you want to see. If you know the contact name or amount then using the search option you can easily find out the Invoice. 
  1. You can see the details of the credit notes and process it for future use. 

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