Import Customer Credit Notes

Import Customer Credit Notes

Enter the customers’ credit note information into a CSV template and then import the file into Clickentry. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales)
  1. Click on the Import button. 
  1. Click Download template file. 
  1. Open the downloaded template file. 
  1. Copy your credit notes into the template file. It’s important not to change the column headings provided in the Clickentry template because these need to be unchanged for the successful import to work in the next step. 
  1. Click Choose File and select your updated template file. 
  1. Click Save as Draft to import these invoices as drafted one or click Save as Approved  to import these invoices as Approved one. 
  1. Now the import message pop-up window will appear with the imported invoices detail. If it shows some errors in the file then click Quit and update the template file to fix these errors to import the file again. Otherwise, click Continue to complete the import process. 

Template Required Fields Explained

Required Columns Description
ContactName Enter the customer’s name the same as it is in Clickentry.

If the contact doesn’t exist in Clickentry, a new contact will be created when you import the file.
InvoiceNumber Record the credit note number.

In this file make sure, the numbers must be different for each invoice and credit note, and it should also be different from any credit notes already entered in Clickentry.

When importing multiple line items on a single credit note, use the same credit note number, Date, Currency, Name for each line item.

Enter the number in the same format as it is in Clieckentry so that it can keep the same number sequence.

While entering the date and due date of the credit note, Use the date format “DD/MM/YYYY”.
Description Enter a description of the credit note as it is a mandatory field that needs to be filled for both Draft and Approve.
Quantity Record the quantity of the items you’re crediting to the credit note.
UnitAmount Enter only a positive amount while recording the price of the items.

All prices in this file must be tax exclusive because, by default, Clickentry takes the amount as tax exclusive.
AccountCode Here in this field, enter the account code as determined by Clickentry.
TaxType In this field, you enter the sales tax rate display name as determined in Clickentry.

Make sure, you are entering the full tax rate name when it is also containing the percentage.
Currency In the Currency field, enter the currency for the credit note. It should be the 3-letter abbreviation of the currency.
ExchangeRate Enter the exchange rate that the bank uses when it converts the payment into your base currency.

Templates Optional Fields Explained 

Optional Columns Description
Email …..
POAddressLine1, etc




Reference Enter something in reference to the credit note that helps you in identifying the credit note.
InventoryItemCode Enter the code of the inventory item as determined in Clickentry.

Enter the tracking category name as determined in Clickentry, and the associated tracking category option as determined in Clieckentry.
TaxAmount When you want to import a different tax amount from the amount that would be calculated using the rate entered in the TaxType column then you can enter the tax amount in the TaxAmount field.

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