Remove a Customer Credit Note Allocation

Remove a Customer Credit Note Allocation

In case you have incorrectly allocated the credit then you can remove that allocation from the credit note. You can edit other fields as well. 

You must have the role of either the adviser, standard, invoice only – approve & pay, or invoice only- sales only to remove an allocation from a credit note. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales)
  1. Find and open the desired awaiting payment or paid credit note for which you want to remove the credit allocation. If you know the contact’s name or credit note amount then using the search option you can search this easily. 
  1. Click on the remove icon(x) next to the amount you have allocated. 
  1. Click Ok

When you remove the allocated credit, the credit note and invoice status will change back to awaiting payment status. 

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