Record a Part Payment During Reconciliation

Record a Part Payment During Reconciliation

Clickentry has a provision to split a transaction to record a part payment of an invoice, bill or expense claim when reconciling the payment in your bank account. 

What you Need to Know 

  • In case, the payment transaction already recorded on an invoice, bill or expense claim then you can’t split it. If you have entered a payment for an incorrect amount then you need to delete the payment and enter it again.  
  • Clickentry has a feature of recording a part payment directly on the invoice, bill or expense claim. At the time of reconciling, Clickentry will then suggest the payment transaction as a match.  

Apply a Part Payment When Reconciling 

  1. Open the reconcile tab of the desired bank account and click on the Find & Match link for the statement line you want to reconcile. 
  1. Find the required bill or invoice and then select the checkbox next to the matched statement line. You can search for a transaction by using name, reference or the amount. 
  1. Click on the Split link. This option is unavailable for Spend Money transactions and Receive Money transactions.  It will also be unavailable for the payments that have already applied to invoices, bills or expense claims. 
  1. In the Part Payment field, enter the amount of the part payment you want to apply to the invoice, bill or expense claim.  
  1. Click on the Split button to record the part payment on the transaction. 
  1. Click on the Reconcile button. 

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