Reconcile a Statement Line to Invoice and Cash Payments

Reconcile a Statement Line to Invoice and Cash Payments

Using Find & Match, you can reconcile a statement line that includes payment for an invoice or bill entered into Clickentry. You can also reconcile the cash payments not yet entered.  

What You Need to Know 

  • Using Find & Match, you need to reconcile a bank statement line in Clickentry against an existing invoice or bill. After this, you need to create a new Spend Money or Receive Money transaction for the  cash payment 
  • If the cash payment is in reference to a bill or invoice being overpaid then you have to record an overpayment during bank reconciliation. 
  • If the payment is related to an invoice or bill that is not yet created in Clickentry then you need to record a prepayment and apply it once the invoice or bill is created in Clickentry.  

Reconcile the Statement Line 

  1. In Accounts menu, select the Bank Accounts. 
  1. Go to the relevant bank account and then click Reconcile xx items
  1. Click on the Find & Match link corresponding to the bank statement line you want to reconcile. 
  1. Find the required bill or invoice and then select the checkbox next to the matched statement line. You can search for a transaction by using name, reference or the amount. 
  1. Click on the New Transaction dropdown button and select Spend Money or Receive Money option. 
  1. Enter the details for the amounts that are not yet invoiced or billed. 
  1. Click on the Save Transaction
  1. Click on Reconcile

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