Edit a Batch Payment

Edit a Batch Payment

  • Clickentry allows you to edit the payment details of a batch payment.  
  • You can also remove bills from the batch. 

What You Need to Know 

  1. It all depends upon your user role whether you can edit a batch payment. 
  1. You can edit the payment details like payment date and bank account. 
  1. If there is any bill that you don’t want to pay then you can deleter that bill from the batch payment 
  1. Clickentry doesn’t allow you to add more bills to an existing batch payment. If you want to add new bills then either you have to create a new batch payment for these new bills or you have to delete the existing batch payment and create a new one for all the desired bills

Edit A Batch Payment 

  1. Find and open the Batch Payment. 
  1. Click on the Options drop-down button and select the Edit option. 
  1. Make the desired changes: 
    • Edit the information in the fields. 
    • Remove the bills from the batch that you don’t want to pay. 
  1. Click on the Approve button. 

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