Account Summary Report

Account Summary Report

If you want to see a monthly summary for a chosen account, simply run the Account Summary report.  

How it Works 

  1. Account balances are displayed in graph and list format. If you want to view the Account Transaction report for an account then click on the total, it will show all the transactions that make up that amount. 
  1. An amount is included in the balance sheet as soon as the relevant transaction (bill, invoice or expense claim) is approved and cash transactions are recorded as soon as the Spend or Receive money transaction is created in Clickentry. 
  1. When you enter a budget in your budget manager, you will be able to see the comparison of the actual against the budget for that month. 
  1. When you use the multi-currency, the report will be displayed in your organisations base currency. 
  1. The Account Summary report can also be generated by running the older versions of the Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Profit and Loss report, or Trial Balance. If you want to view the transaction summaries, simply click on the particular account. 

Run the Account Summary Report 

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports
  1. Click on Account Summary under Detail Breakdown section. 
  1. In the Account field, select the relevant account.  
  1. In the Date field, select dates in the From and To fields as start and end dates. 
  1. (Optional) Select the Unrealized Gain or Loss checkbox if you want to show this in the report.  
  1. Click on the Update button. 

If you’re drilling into a report produced by someone with the advisor user role, you can see notes or a summary on the report. 

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