Change the Default Branding Theme

Change the Default Branding Theme

How it Works 

  1. If you want to make any theme the default branding theme then you can do this by dragging your preferred branding theme to the top of the page. 
  1. Customer statements use a default theme set up by Clickentry. But if you want to change this then you can manually change it to your preferred theme.
  1. You must have the adviser or standard user role to change the default theme. 

Update the Default Branding Theme 

  1. In the Setting menu, select Account Setting
  1. Click on the Invoice Setting option, under Feature Section. 
  1. Find the theme you want to use as default. 
  1. Click the name of the branding theme and drag it to the top of the page. 
  1. In the future, when you will add an invoice, credit note, quote, statement, or purchase order, the new default theme will be automatically shown in the Branding field. 

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