Add a Logo for PDF Documents

Add a Logo for PDF Documents

Clickentry allows you to add your logo to the standard branding theme. The logo is displayed on the invoices, quotes, credit notes, statements, and purchase orders. Following these steps, you can add or replace a logo in your PDF Document. 

  1. Before uploading your logo, make sure the designed logo meets all of the following criteria: 
    • Your logo can be scaled to a maximum of 400 pixels wide and 120 pixels high. If your logo file is larger than the required then you can resize it using any graphic software.
    • The Logo must be supplied in one of the following formats: .jpg .gif .png.
    • A logo used in the PDF may automatically scale the size of it down to the appropriate ratio. 
    • The logo file size must not exceed 1MB. 
  1. Click on the Setting menu, select Account Setting
  1. Click on the Invoice Setting option, under the Feature Section. 
  1. Find the theme for which you want to add the logo. 
  1. Click the Option drop-down button, select Change Logo. 
  1. Click Choose File, select the designed logo from your computer. 
  1. Click Upload

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