Add a Spend or Receive Money Transaction While Reconciling

Add a Spend or Receive Money Transaction While Reconciling

You can add a spend or receive money transaction during bank reconciliation to record a cash transaction that you haven’t already entered in Clickentry. 

About Spend and Receive Money Transactions 

Spend money transactions is to record the money you have spent but it doesn’t belong to the bill, expense claim, or refund. For example, you have paid for fuel for the company car or postage. Whereas a Receive money transaction is to record the money you have received but it doesn’t come from sales invoice or refund. For example, you have received the interest. 

Create a Transaction and Reconcile it 

When payments are made or received via credit or charge card, it should be recorded as at the date of the statement line. These payments are in-line with the time of supply as they are when the credit or charge card was tendered as payment. 

  1. In the Accounts menu, select the Bank accounts
  1. Click on the Reconcile xx items link for the bank account in which you want to create the transaction. 
  1. Select the Create tab for the bank statement line you want to reconcile. 
  1. Add the name of the contact or select an existing contact in the Name of the contact field. 
  1. Add the Account name or select an existing one in the Select Account field. 
  1. Select the tax rate you want to apply in the Select Tax field. 
  1. In case,  you’ve set up any tracking then select the relevant tracking options. 
  1. If you want to enter extra details like a reference, or split the transaction across two or more lines then click on Add details link.  
  1. Click on the Save Transaction button. 
  1. Click OK. It will create the transaction and reconcile it. 

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