View your Inventory Items

View your Inventory Items

  1. If you want to view all the Inventory items added for current organisation, in the Accounts menu select Inventory and you will be directed to Manage Inventory page 
  1. For inventory item Grid the Default order of items is alphanumeric order by code. Click on any column heading if you want to change the Sort order.   
  1. Search boxes being shown let you search for the inventory items by name, Code, Cost price, Sale price, Quantity etc. 
  1. In inventory item Grids, default size of the list being shown is 10 items per page and you can increase it upto 50 by selecting from the pagesize dropdown in bottom right.  
  1. Show archived button will let you see all the Archived items. Selecting and clicking on Restore will send them back to Unarchive list. 

View an Item’s Details 

Clicking on the item code or item name link will let you see the item’s details. Check below details which are being shown on every item recorded in Clickentry. 

  1. Item Name – This will show the Item Name and Item Code added. 
  1. Purchases Section – This section shows the default unit price, account, tax rate and description that will be used when we create any purchase activity. 
  1. Sales Section – This section shows the default unit price, account, tax rate and description that will be used when we create any Sale activity. 
  1. Recent Transactions – This section shows all the recent transaction made with this inventory item. All the bills, invoice, Credit note, Debit note, Spend money , Receive money and Inventory Adjustment will be shown. If you wish to see the details of the activity then clicking on the link of the activity will take you to the activity page 

Tracked inventory items have some additional fields including all the fields of Non-Tracked inventory itemsItems you have tracked have additional information fields: 

  1. Inventory Asset Account – Shows selected Inventory Asset account at the time of creation of Tracked inventory 
  1. Quantity on Hand – It shows the total quantity on hand which use the formula : Sales Approved + Purchases Approved + Adjustments Posted. 
  1. Average Cost – It shows the calculated average cost for the items on Hand. The formula for calculating Average cost is :Total Purchase value / Total number of Purchased items. 
  1. Total Value – It shows the total value of the items quantity on hand. The formula for Total value is Items quantity on hand * Average Cost calculated 

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