Enter an ‘Increase Quantity’ Inventory Adjustment

Enter an ‘Increase Quantity’ Inventory Adjustment

  1. In the Account menu, select Inventory. 
  1. Click on the + Add drop-down button and select the Inventory Adjustment
  1. In the Adjustment Type field, select the Positive option. 
  1. Enter the details in the remaining fields: 

    • Narration: In the Narration field you can enter the reason for making adjustments.  
    • Date: In the Date field you can set the date on which you have posted the adjustment. 
    • Reference: In the reference field, you can add extra information regarding the Adjustment. This will help you in searching adjustment later. 
    • Item: In this field, you can select the inventory item for which you are making adjustments. 
    • Description: In the description field you can enter a description of the Inventory item. 
    • Qty: Here you enter the quantity of inventory items. 
    • Cost Price: Cost price is the price per inventory item. 
    • Account:  In Accounts dropdown you can select the Nominal Code belongs to the inventory Item. You can add a new Nominal Code from the Add Account button given in Dropdown. 
    • Amount: You can’t edit the Amount field.  It is the calculated price of the quantity and cost price (Qty x Unit Price). 
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