Enter a Bulk Inventory Adjustment

Enter a Bulk Inventory Adjustment

While making the inventory adjustment, you can update multiple items at the same time in Clickentry. You can increase and decrease the inventory items in a single Adjustment. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Inventory. 
  1. Click on the + Add drop-down button and select the Inventory Adjustment
  1. In Adjustment Type field, select Negative to decrease or Positive to Increase the inventory items. 
  1. Enter the details in the remaining fields: 

    • Narration: In the Narration field you can enter the reason for making the adjustment.  
    • Date: In the date field, you can set the date on which you have posted the adjustment. 
    • Reference: In the reference field, you can add extra information regarding the Adjustment. This will help you in searching adjustment later. 
    • Item: In this field, you can select the inventory item for which you are making adjustments. 
    • Description: In the description field you can enter a description of the Inventory item. 
    • Qty: Here you enter the quantity of inventory items. 
    • Cost Price: Cost price is the price per inventory item. 
    • Account:  In Accounts dropdown you can select the Nominal Code belongs to the inventory Item. You can add a new Nominal Code from the Add Account button given in Dropdown. 
    • Amount: You can’t edit the Amount field.  It is the calculated price of the quantity and cost price (Qty x Unit Price). 
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