View and Update your Contacts in Clickentry

View and Update your Contacts in Clickentry

  • You can view the list of your customers’ and suppliers’ contact details and account balances in Clickentry. 
  • You can directly create a sales invoice, quote, bill, credit note or purchase order from your contacts’ records. 

View your Contacts List 

If you want to view the list of all your contacts, in the Contacts menu, select Contacts Summary.  If you are not been able to access your contacts list, you may need to verify your account. 

Customers and Suppliers 

When new accounts are added or imported in Clickentry, they’ll start appearing in the Contacts Summary automatically.  Clickentry automatically classifies contacts as customers or suppliers once you enter an invoice, bill, or credit note transaction for them. Clickentry doesn’t allow you to move contacts manually into the Customers or Suppliers groups. When you enter spend or receive money transactions, It won’t affect a contact’s grouping.  

Filter by Contact Group and Search 

There are groups to filter the contacts in Clickentry. If you want to find a contact then you can search for a contact by name, email address or account number using the search box.  

  • You can also search for your contacts on any screen if it supports global search. 
  • You can even search your contacts from a spend money or receive money transaction, invoice or bill, credit note, quote, statement or purchase order.  

Overview and Account Balances 

The contact list gives you a brief summary of each contact’s details, including email address and the amount you owe them or they owe you. You can also view outstanding and overdue balances when creating an invoice in classic invoicing.  To view balances owed in foreign currencies, click FX next to the balance. 

Create Quotes, Statements and more from your Contacts List 

You can create a sales invoice, quote, bill, credit note or purchase order from an individual contact. Just select a contact name from the contact list. Click on the New dropdown button and select an option. 

You can also create a customer statement, click on the Send Statement dropdown button and select an option. Then you can edit the statement settings, email it to the customer, and export or print it.  

Here you can see all current sales and purchase transactions for the selected contact.  

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