Contact Groups in Clickentry

Contact Groups in Clickentry

In your Clickentry’s organization, there are two default groups that sort your list of contacts. You can customize these as per your needs. 

Default Groups in Clickentry 

  • Clickentry sorts your contact list into Sales and Purchases. 
  • Clickentry automatically classifies your contacts, when you enter an invoice, bill, or credit note transaction for them.  
  • Spend or receive money transactions don’t assign contacts to Purchases or Sales groups.  

You can see the contacts under the Sales or Purchases categories, as well as in All category.  

  • All: This is the default group and shows all your contacts. 
  • Sales: Contacts are added in this group when sales invoices or customer credit notes are created.  
  • Purchases: Contacts are added in this group when bills or supplier debit notes are created. 

You can’t manually add any contacts to the customers or suppliers groups. You also can’t remove a contact from the AllCustomers or Suppliers groups.  

If you void the first transaction where a contact appears in Xero, the contact doesn’t display under Customers or Suppliers categories, but it still displays under the All category. 

Custom Contact Groups 

  • You can also create your custom groups to organize your contacts more efficiently as per your organisation’s needs. 
  • Contact groups can filter the sales and purchases reports. 
  • If there are contacts you are expecting to become customers or suppliers before adding any transactions then you can create temporary contact groups for these contacts. 
  • When you remove a contact from a group, it doesn’t delete the contact. It just removes them from that group. 

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