Add a New Contact

Add a New Contact

You can add new contacts in Clickentry. You can also set the account number or default currency for these accounts.  

You can see the added contact under the All contacts group. You can see the same contact under the Customer or Supplier contacts group as you enter an invoice, bill or credit note transactions for them.  

  1. Click on the new icon at the top right next to the search icon and select the Contacts option. 
  1. Enter your contact name in the Contact field. 
  1. Enter basic details in the remaining fields and click Save & Next
  1. Enter the information in the contact details fields and click Save & Next
  1. Set the default accounts for sale and purchases and click Save & Next
  1. Click on the Finish button. 

Set a Default Foreign Currency for a Contact 

In Clickentry, you can add any foreign currency in any pricing-plan. You can set a default foreign currency to your contact details. 

What you should Know 

  • The contact’s default foreign currency will be applied to all the new invoices, bills, quotes, or purchase orders you create for them. 
  • If you need to change the default foreign currency on individual transactions, you can override it. 
  • Clickentry doesn’t allow you to import or export the default foreign currency for your contacts. 

Set a Default Currency for a Contact 

  1. In the Contact menu, select Contacts Summary
  1. Find and click on the name of the contact you want to set a default currency for. 
  1. Click on the Edit button. 
  1. Under the Setting tab, in the Currency field: 
  1. Select your desired currency if it’s already listed. 
  1. If the currency is not already listed, Click on the + Add Currency option and select the currency you want to list, then click on the Add Currency button.  
  1. Click on the Save & Next button and then click on the Finish button. 

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