Set up A Repeating Journal

Set up A Repeating Journal

  • When you set up a repeating journal in Clickentry then it automatically starts creating journals in a weekly or monthly series, for a specified period. 
  • To create repeating journals, you must have either the adviser or standard + all reports user role. 

About Repeating Journals 

Setting up a repeating journal to automate a series of recurring journal entries. 

  • In Clickentry with repeating journals, you can create journals for any backdate.   
  • You can set the repeating journals to Save as Draft or Post
  • If you roll back the next journal date while editing repeating journals then Clickentry will create a new set of journals in addition to the existing ones. 
  • In case you have set a repeating journal to Save as Draft, then later you can change it to Post but once if you set it to Post then you can’t change it to Save as Draft.  

Create a Repeating Journal 

To create a new repeating journal: 

  1. In the Advisor menu, select Journal
  1. Click on the Repeat Journal button at the top left. 
  1. Enter the required information into the date and frequency fields for the repeating journal. 
  1. Enter the remaining Journal Details into the relevant fields. 
  1. Click on the Save as Draft or Post button. 

You can view all the repeating journals set up for your organization on the Repeating tab on the Manual Journals screen. 

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