Reconcile Statement Lines in Bulk

Reconcile Statement Lines in Bulk

  • Using cash coding you can reconcile statement lines in bulk. 
  • Cash coding is not suitable if the transaction is already recorded in Clickentry as it creates new Receive or Spend Money transactions for cash payments. 

About Cash Coding 

  • To use cash coding, you must have the adviser or standard + cash coding user role. 
  • You should not use the cash coding if a transaction is already entered in Clickentry so that you can avoid creating duplicate transactions. 

Access Cash Coding 

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank accounts
  1. Go to the bank account for which you want to reconcile the statement lines. 
  1. Click on the Reconcile xx items link for the bank account you want to reconcile. 
  1. Click on the Cash Coding button. 

Apply Bank Rules Using Cash Coding 

If a statement line is pre-populated with the Description, Account and Tax Rate fields, it means a bank rule is applied to it. 

  1. On the cash coding screen, select the checkbox next to each bank statement line where a bank rule is applied. 
  1. Click on the Save & Reconcile Selected button. 

Enter Details Manually Using Cash Coding 

  • You can fill out the relevant fields manually for the remaining statement lines and reconcile them in bulk. 
  • When you enter the details manually then the fields like the Payee, Description and any tracking aren’t mandatory. If you don’t enter a payee then Clickentry will create the account transaction against a contact named Unknown. 
  • If you want to allocate a statement line to different accounts then you can split the statement line or create a new bank rule for it. 

Code and Reconcile Lines with the Same Details 

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