About Cash Coding

About Cash Coding

  • By creating spend money or receive money transactions, you can quickly reconcile bank statement lines related to cash payments. 
  • Cash coding is available on all pricing plans. 

How it Works 

Using cash coding in Clickentry you can reconcile multiple statement lines relating to cash transactions in one go. 

  • If you use cash coding to reconcile a statement line, Clickentry creates a receive or spend money transaction automatically. 
  • You can not use cash coding to reconcile the statement lines that are related to the transactions already entered in Clickentry, such as invoices, bills or expense claims. 
  • Statement lines in the cash coding are displayed in a spreadsheet format that makes it easy to sort and code similar transactions. You can view up to 50 lines at once. 
  • You can reconcile them one by one or select multiple lines at the same time. 

Before You Start 

Using cash coding you can only reconcile statement lines that relate to cash you’ve spent or received. 

Clickentry suggests you to reconcile the following mentioned transaction items in the reconciling tab first so that you can avoid reconciling statement lines that match an invoice or other transaction you’ve already entered in Clickentry. 

  • Sales invoices and bills 
  • Credit note refunds 
  • Overpayments and prepayments 
  • Expense claims 
  • Transfers between bank accounts 
  • Any spend or receive money transactions already entered in Clickentry 

Cash Coding Tips 

  • You can sort the statement lines by clicking on the column headings.  
  • You can reconcile fewer than 50 statement lines at a time. 
  • If the contact of a payee is already entered in Clickentry then start typing the contact’s name in the Payee field and select them from the contact list.  
  • Hover over the note icon to view a comment added to the statement line. 
  • You can create bank rules for regular transactions while cash coding so that you don’t have to code them again next time.  

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