Set the Order of Bank Rules

Set the Order of Bank Rules

  • If you have created two or more bank rules then you have to set their order to make sure they run in the right sequence. 
  • Clickentry suggests you use more restrictive bank rules before less restrictive rules. 

Order Bank Rules 

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank accounts
  1. Click on the Bank Rule button. 
  1. Select the Spend Money Rules or Receive Money Rule tab. 
  1. Find the rule you want to change the order. 
  1. Click and drag the rules into your desired order.  

Run a More Restrictive Rule First 

Clickentry applies bank rules in the same order as they’re listed in the Bank Rules screen. So it’s a good practice to keep the more restrictive bank rule before any less restrive rule so that the most appropriate rule is applied to a transaction 

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