Refund a Purchase Overpayment

Refund a Purchase Overpayment

  1. You can record a refund for an overpayment when your supplier pay back to you 
  1. You must have a user role of the adviser or standard user to record a refund on an overpayment. 

About Recording a Refund on a Purchase Overpayment 

You can record a partial or full refund on the purchase overpayment that has an Awaiting Payment status. 

It creates a payment transaction that is needed to reconcile with the bank statement line for the payment in the bank account. 

Record a Cash Refund on a Purchase Overpayment 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases. 
  1. Select the Partial Paid or Awaiting Payment status tab. 
  1. Click and open the overpayment you wish to refund. 
  1. Reach out to Receive a cash refund section. 
  1. Enter the refund details in the payment fields
  1. Click on the Refund.  

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