Edit A Purchases Overpayment

  1. Clickentry allows you to make changes in  an overpayment transaction after you’ve saved it. 
  1. You can void the overpayment or make limited changes if 
    • You’ve applied an overpayment to a bill. 
    • You’ve refunded the bill. 
  1. To edit or void a purchase overpayment you must have the Adviser or Standard user role.  

Edit a Purchases Overpayment 

Depending on the status of the purchase overpayment you can make changes to it. If you have saved or approved the overpayment then you can make changes in most of the fields. If you have made a refund or any allocation from the overpayment then the Date, Amount and Currency fields will be locked. If you want to edit these fields then you have to remove the allocation or delete the refund. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases. 
  1. Select the Awaiting Payment or Partial Payment status tab. 
  1. Find and open the overpayment you want to edit. 

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