Record a Payment on a Customer Invoice

Record a Payment on a Customer Invoice

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales)
  1. Select the Awaiting Payment tab from the Filter Tabs. 
  1. Find and open the invoice on which you want to record a payment. Using the Search option you can easily search the Invoice. 
  1. Get-down to Receive a payment section. 
  1. Enter the required information into the payment fields
  1. Click on the Add Payment button to finish recording payment. 

Payment Fields 

Field Description
Amount Paid In this field, enter the amount paid to the invoice. The payment amount can be the full outstanding amount, a partial amount or an overpayment amount.
Date Paid In this field, set the date on which the payment is made or received.
Paid To/Paid From To record a payment to your invoice, you need to choose an account from which you have made the payment or from which you have received the payment.
  1. When recording a cash payment : Select the bank account from the existing accounts or add a new bank account the money will be paid from or will be received into. The transaction of the amount paid or received (whether full or partial) will be displayed in the chosen account.

  2. When payment is not in cash and made against another account : You will see accounts those have “Enable payments to this account” true/checked in your Chart of accounts. Payments against such accounts don’t get recorded through your bank account and you can only see such transactions via certain reports (eg: Balance Sheet, Account Transactions Report)

  3. If your pricing plan has the provision of payment with multi-currency and the invoice or bill payment is made in a foreign currency then such payment transaction can be recorded from:
    • the bank account of the same currency (if you’ve already set one up in Clickentry)

    • When you are making payment for a foreign currency invoice/Bill, enter the exchange rate that the bank used when it converted the payment into your base currency.
  1. When you are making payments against a bill or invoice by cheque, this is the best place to record the cheque number or payment reference number from your online banking payment confirmation. This information will be displayed in bank reconciliation so that you can easily match the payment with the processed cheque.

  2. If you have put any reference for sales invoices, overpayments or the prepayments then such information will appear in the Reference column of the concerned customer’s statement.

  3. When you get a payment for one of your sales Invoices, you can add the invoice number of that invoice in the reference field. It helps in recognizing the payment for this invoice effectively during the bank reconciliation when the incoming payment shows on your downloaded bank statement line.

  4. When you will reconcile Bank statements, Reference will make it easy for you to identify the Sales invoice payments which are covered by the single statement imported. You can tick all which has the same reference number which you used at the time of Deposit

  5. When you leave this field blank then the reference field will show nothing as the reference against that payment during bank reconciliation.
Pay by Cheque Select the Pay by Cheque checkbox , if you have made or received the payment by Cheque.
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