Delete A User from Your Organization

Delete A User from Your Organization

If you want to remove a user from an organisation, you must have the Manage users’ permission. You can even delete yourself from organisations you’re invited to. 

Effects of Deleting A User 

As you delete a user from an organisation, it removes their access to the organisation but at the same time it can also affect other areas of Clickentry going forward. 

  1. A Yodlee feed will deactivate if the user who set it up is deleted. You’ll need to set the feed up again to continue importing your bank transactions automatically. 
  1. Repeating invoices will not automatically get approved if the template was last saved by a deleted user. If you want to set it back to Approve for Sending, you have to go back into the template and click Save. 
  1. The expense claims not yet submitted for approval will be deleted if you delete the employee who entered it. 
  1. When you delete a user, they won’t be notified. 

Delete A User 

You must have the manage users permission only then you can delete other users from an organisation. You should ask the user to disable two-step authentication first, when you are deleting them. It makes it easier when you will need to reuse the email address for a new user. 

  1. In the Settings menu, select Account Settings
  1. Click on the User link under the Organisation section. 
  1. Click Delete next to the user’s name you want to delete from the organisation. 
  1. Click Ok to confirm. 

Remove a Clickentry Login 

If you want to remove an email address from Clickentry, make sure the email address is no longer an active user for a Clickentry organisation first. You can then contact Clickentry Support from the email address you want removing with your request. 

When you remove a login, it will stop access to Clickentry and remove the email address as a Clickentry user. However, the user will still be able to view online invoices received from other organisations using Clickentry. 

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