Add a User with an Existing Email Address

Add a User with an Existing Email Address

  • You can invite a user into an organisation only using a unique email address. 
  • If you want to use the same email address as a previous user, first you need to reset the password, then log in. 

How it Works 

If you make any changes in Clickentry, these are recorded under the History & Notes section. These changes are recorded based on a user’s login email address, therefore each invited user must have a unique email address. 

There may be a situation when a Clickentry user account uses a generic email address, such as, rather than sharing that account’s password, you are requested to reset your password instead. This situation can arise when an employee leaves your business and a new employee takes over the role, therefore needs access to the associated Clickentry account.  

If an email address has access to other organizations also, you need to remove them as the user first, if they do not require access anymore. 

Implications of Two-step Authentication 

If two-step authentication had been set up by the previous user then the best thing to do is to disable it.  

If you are unable to disable the two-step authentication, try to attempt answering the security question set by the previous user, even if you don’t know the answers. Clickentry will temporarily lock you out of the account once you have exceeded the attempts.  

You need to contact our support team who will work through their processes to confirm you’re the owner of the account and thus reset your account. 

Reset the Password to Access Your Clickentry User Account 

  1. Open the Clickentry Login page. 
  1. Click on the Forgot Password? Link. 
  1. Click in the email box and enter your email address then click Reset Password
  1. Check your email inbox and click on the link in the Forgot Password email. 
  1. Enter a new password and click on the Reset Password button. 
  1. If the previous user had set up two-step authentication then attempt the security question until you get locked out. 
  1. You need to email our support team with a request to disable two-step authentication. 

Once the new user gets logged into Clickentry,  they will need to: 

  1. Update their name within the profile settings
  1. Set up the Two-step authentication. 

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