Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss

To view your organization’s income, expenses, and profit for a reporting period, you need to run either of the two versions of the Profit and Loss report. 

Run the Report 

Whenever you run a Profit and Loss report, it will display accounts only with an income or expense account type. So it won’t be possible to include accounts with a different account type.  

  1. In the Report menu select the All Reports option. 
  1. Click on the Profit and loss under the Performance section.  
  1. (Optional) By default, the report format is Current and previous 3 months. You can select from other preset report formats or you can click into the Compare Periods or Show Date Range tab. 
  1. (Optional) If you have selected the Compare Periods or Show Date Range tab then set the dates and any other filters.  
  1. Click On the Update button. 

Different Profit and Loss Options 

You can run the Profit and Loss report in a number of different ways. Depending on the results you’re looking for, select one of the three tabs to switch to a different view. 

Common Formats 

There are four preset formats for the Profit & Loss report in the Common Formats tab: 

Option Description 
Current and previous 3 months (default) Here you can see the current month, last three months and Year to Date (YTD). 
Year to date progress It shows the comparison, how you have been tracking this financial year compared to the previous two years  
Month to date progress It shows the report of the current calendar month upto today’s date, compared to the same period in the previous months.  (For example, if it’s 28 February today, it will show you the report for 1 to 28 February, 1 to 28 January and 1 to @8 December). 
Current financial year If It’s the last month of your current financial year, it will show all values as actuals. (There will be no budgeted figures as there are no periods in the future for that financial years). 

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