Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

If you want to see your organization’s financial position as at a particular date, run the Balance Sheet report. 

Run the Report 

You can view accounts with asset, liability and equity account types in the balance sheet. 

  1. In the Report menu select the All Reports option. 
  1. Click on the Balance Sheet under the Position section. 
  1. Select a Date Range or a custom Date
  1. (Optional) Select an option from Compare To or Compare Periods
  1. (Optional) Select the Unrealized Gain or Loss checkbox.  
  1. Click on the Update button. 

As you click on the Update button it reloads the report data with the default layout.  

Report Options 

  1. Date Range: Select the date range for the period you want to view the report for.  
  1. Date: If you have chosen the Custom option in the Date Range then select the specific date you want to view the report for.  
  1. Compare To: By choosing a comparison option you can compare the reports. It will show the balance sheet item at that time against the selected balance date for this period.   
  1. Compare Periods: Here you can choose how many periods you want to compare the report duration to. Clickentry allows you to choose up to 11 periods from the date of the report. 
  1. Unrealized Gain or Loss: Select the checkbox, If you want to view the Unrealized Gain or Loss

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