Edit a Reminder

Edit a Reminder

Edit invoice reminders options is there to customize the default reminders for your organization. You must have the role of either the advisor or standard user. 

Edit Individual Reminders 

  1. In the Settings menu, select Account Setting
  1. Click on the Invoice Setting option, under Feature Section. 
  1. Click on Invoice Reminder Button.  
  1. You can send the invoice reminders either to an individual contact or to all the contacts. 
  1. Click Edit for the reminder you want to make the changes. 
  1. The following changes you can make 
    • You can increase or decrease the number of days for your reminder 
    • You can stop the reminders going out to the contacts which are owing to the invoice below some minimum amount. 
    • You can edit the subject of the reminders. 
    • You can edit the default message body of the reminder. 
  1. Click Save

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