Add or Edit a Repeating Bill or Copy a Bill

Add or Edit a Repeating Bill or Copy a Bill

  1. You can create a repeating template and use it to create a repeating bill or copy a bill from another one. 
  1. You can access and manage the template later i.e. edit, copy, print, delete or void it. 
  1. You must have the role of either the adviser, standard, invoice approve, or invoice purchases user to create templates for bills or to copy bills created by others.  

Add or Edit a Repeating Bill 

  1. End Date and Reference fields are optional, the rest of all fields are mandatory. 
  1. In Clickentry, all the recurring transactions get automatically created and saved based on your custom template.  
  1. You can get access to repeating templates under the Repeating tab with the date of the next transaction. 

Copy a Bill to Create a New One 

  1. If you want to use an existing bill to send it to a different supplier then you can copy and use the existing bill.  
  1. When you copy any bill that has some attachment to it then the attachment is not copied to the new bill. 

Add a Repeating Template for Bill 

  1. To make it easy for you, Clickentry allows you to create a repeating template from different ways. 
    • In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases). Click on the New Bill dropdown button then select New Repeating Bill. 
    • From a contact details page, click on the New dropdown button and select Repeating Bill
    • On an existing bill is opened, click on the Bill Options dropdown button and select Repeat. 
  1. Enter the required information in the repeating bill fields. 
  1. Set up the required value and select repeating option for repeating template, under the Repeat this transaction every option. This option states how frequently your bill will be repeated. Example of setting up an annual repeating template is as follows: 
    • To repeat on a particular day of the week – enter 52 and select Week(s) from the repeating option.  
    • To repeat on a particular calendar date – enter 12 and select Month(s) from repeating option  
  1. Click Save

Edit a Repeating Template 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases). 
  1. Select the Repeating status tab. 
  1. Edit the required information in the repeating bill fields. 
  1. Click Save
  1. You can see the history of changes made to the bill under the History & Notes section. 

Copy a Bill 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases). 
  1. Find and open the bill you want to copy. 
  1. Click on the Bill Options and select the option Copy
  1. After a review, you can make desired changes as needed. 
  1. Click either: 
    • Save as Draft: To save the bill as a draft. 
    • Approve: To approve the bill. 

Repeating Transaction Fields Explained for bill 

Here you get the guidance and tips for repeating transaction fields. 

Fields Description 
Repeat this transaction every This option states how frequently your bill will be repeated. Eg weekly or monthly. 
Bill Date Transactions start from this date. 
Next Bill Date This date states when the next bill is due to be created. You can see this date when you are editing an existing template. In case some bills have already been created from the repeating template and you change the Next Bill Date to a past date then all the bills will be created again from that date. You can keep, delete or void the original transactions. 
Due Date The Due Date field is to set the latest date of the bill payment. If you want both Bill date and Due date the same, enter 0 and select the days after the bill date option. 
End Date End date is to stop repeating bill template from generating new bills. 
Save As Draft Select this option for the following situations: The transactions for each bill can vary, in this case, you can edit each one when it’s created. When you have to approve each transaction separately  
Approve Select this option for following conditions: In case, each transaction can be approved instantly for payment. These bills will be shown under the Awaiting Payment tab. You have to wait for payment before you can reconcile.  
Reference/ Description The Reference field lets you mention any specific information to the bill that will help you in searching the bill. This field has a 50 character limit. 
Currency Either you can select a foreign currency that is already added or can click the +Add Currency button to add a new currency. 
Amounts are Select either option: 
Amounts are tax Inclusive: If tax is included in the net amount that is equal to the gross amount of the Item.
Amounts are tax exclusive: If tax is not included in the net amount and will be charged separately.
Amounts don’t include tax: If the item or service is not taxable 

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