Add and Approve Bills

Add and Approve Bills

  1. You can create a bill for any purchases. By default, it will be in your default currency but you can create in other currencies as well when using multi-currency.  
  1. You can also allocate the credit to the bill you have created. 
  1. You must have the role of either the adviser, standard, invoice only + purchases, invoice only + approve & pay user role to add and approve bills.  

Add a Bill 

  1. To make things easy and quick for the users Clickentry provides multiple ways to create the bill. You can create a bill from either: 
    • Click on the Create New + icon and select the Bill option. 
    • In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases)
    • From a contact details page, Click on the New dropdown button and select Bill
  1. Enter the required information in the bill fields.(Link Enter Information into the Bill Fields ) 
  1. In the Item field, you can add the items you have to pay for.  
  1. Click the Receipt Upload button to add a receipt to the bill. 
  1. Click on the Save as Draft button to save the bill as draft. 

Approve Draft Bills 

  1. In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases)
  1. Select the Draft tab. 
  1. Select the checkbox next to the bill/bills you want to approve and click on the Approve button at the top left above the bill list. 

Enter Information into the Bill Fields 

Fields Description 
From In this field, you can enter the name of the supplier from which you received the bill. If you have changed the contact name, it will not get updated on a repeating bill template.  
Date The Date field is to choose the date you would like to create the bill for. Enter date will be displayed on the bill. 
Due date The Due Date field is to set the latest date of the bill payment set by the supplier. 
Reference The Reference field lets you mention any specific information to the bill that will help you in searching the bill. This field has a 50 character limit. 
Receipt Upload Here you can attach some relevant files to the bill. 
Total This is the overall amount owed against the bill. It consists of all line items and tax depending on your selected setting.  
Currency Either you can select a foreign currency that is already added or can click the +Add Currency button to add a new currency. 
Amounts are Select either option: 
Amounts are tax Inclusive: If tax is included in the net amount that is equal to the gross amount of the Item.
Amounts are tax exclusive: If tax is not included in the net amount and will be charged separately.
Amounts don’t include tax: If the item or service is not taxable. 
Item Either select Item from the item dropdown that shows you all the items added earlier in the inventory section or Clicks on + Add Item link button given in item dropdown. Once you select any item it will auto-populate all the related fields for that row. If required, you can update the details for that particular invoice. 
Description You can add a brief description of the Good/Item you are buying, or the service you are taking. 
Qty In the Qty field, you can add the Quantity of the Goods you have bought or the Number of Hours for the Service you have taken. 
Unit Price You can add the Price per Item or the Price per Hour for the service. 
Account In Accounts dropdown you can choose the Nominal Code which belongs to the Item/Service. You can add a new Nominal Code from the Add Account button given in Dropdown. 
Tax Rate In Tax Rate, either you can select from the given tax rate options or you can add new custom tax from Add Tax Button given in Dropdown. 

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