View Exchange Rate or Conversion Rate

View Exchange Rate or Conversion Rate

For each foreign currency transaction, Clickentry shows the exchange rate for the day it was created. If it’s unpaid then it shows today’s exchange rate as well. If you want to check the official exchange rate of the day for any date then you can check it in your currency settings. When a foreign currency amount is converted into your base currency then you can view the conversion rate in your reports. 

About Exchange Rates  

  • Exchange rates are updated hourly. Whatever the final rate is at 11 pm will be the official rate of the day or mid-market rate. 
  • Exchange rates in Clickentry are rounded to 6 significant figures, including decimal places. But It can vary if the actual exchange rate has more than this. 
  • You can update the exchange rate for a particular date or the transaction if required, but Clickentry doesn’t allow you to enter more than the maximum of 6 significant figures.  

View Exchange Rate for a Date 

  1. In the Settings menu, select Account Settings. 
  1. Click on the Currencies link under the Features section. 
  1. In the Add multiple currency field, select the currency you want to view exchange rate for.  
  1. Select the date in the Exchange Date field. 

If any user in your organisation has updated the exchange rate, the user name, date and time displays in the notes column. 

View the Exchange Rate on a Transaction 

  • If you have used foreign currency in any transaction then you can view the exchange rate on the transaction you have entered: invoice, quote, purchase order, bill, or spend or receive money.  
  • Find and open the transaction you’d like to view. You can see the exchange rate next to the currency. 

View Conversion Rate in a Report 

Clickentry displays the conversion rate in the reports. Under the Notes section, you can see the exchange rate at the time of conversion. 

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