Delete or Void an Invoice

Delete or Void an Invoice

You can delete the invoice that is under Draft or Awaiting Approval tabs and void the invoice that is under Awaiting Payment tab. If there is some error on the invoice and invoice is yet to send to the customer then it’s better to edit the invoice instead of deleting it. If it has been sent out to the customer and needs some corrections then issue a credit note to the customer to balance the audit trail. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales)
  1. Find and open the invoice you want to delete. Using search option you can easily search the Invoice. 
  1. If the Invoice is fully paid or partially paid then you need to remove the payment (Need Linking) first. 
  1. Click on the Invoice Option drop-down button and Select Void or Delete option. 
  1. Click Yes to Delete or Void

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