Create a Customer Quote

Create a Customer Quote

Customer Quote provides the customer an approximate budget price for the works to be performed. 

Create a New Quote

You can create a quote for customers to let them know an approximate budget price for the work to be performed for them. You can enter detailed information about the proposed solution. If you have multi-currency provision then you can create the quote in the currency of the customer. 

  1. In the Account menu, select Sales
  1. Click on the + Add Quote button. 
  1. Select Goods or Services option depending on the behaviour of the Quote. 
  1. Start typing the name in the Contact field. Select the contact for sending to an existing contact otherwise, click + New Contact option to add a new contact. 
  1. Enter the required details for the remaining fields in the quote. If you want to email the quote, make sure you’ve written down a description for each line item.  
  1. To add the title and summary for the quote, click Add Title or Summary button and enter the information about your quote. It will be shown above the description lines. 
  1. In the Terms field, you can enter the terms and conditions for your quote. The entered terms and conditions will be displayed on the standard branding theme.  
  1. If you want to record any notes in reference to the quote, click the Add Note button. Once the note is saved, you can see the note in the History & Notes section. 
  1. Click Save as Draft button to save the quote in the draft, or click the Send button to approve and email the quote. 
  1. Send Quote popup window will appear, enter the required information in the fields and then click Send

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