Why are the statement balance and balance in Clickentry different?

Why are the statement balance and balance in Clickentry different?

The balance of your statements and balance of Clickentry might be different. The main reason for this can be that you may have created an account transaction in Clickentry but haven’t imported the corresponding bank statement line or vice versa. 

About the Statement Balance and Balance in Clickentry 

Basically the statement balance in Clickentry is the sum of opening bank balance and the amount of all bank statements imported into the bank account in Clickentry. Bank statements can be imported manually or by using a feed. 

The date for the statement balance is the date of the last bank statement line in the bank account in Clickentry. This date won’t change unless a bank feed is refreshed but it won’t import any new statement lines.  

The balance in Clickentry is the sum of the opening balance and the account transactions created in the bank account in Clickentry. This bank account balance is displayed on the Balance Sheet and other reports 

How do I Fix the Difference? 

  1. Check that the statement balance is correct: Before reconciling all bank statements lines, check if the statement balance in Clickentry matches the actual balance your bank shows. If it doesn’t then need to work through the steps on this page. Just compare the statement balance in Clickentry to your actual bank balance, to identify and fix the error. 
  1. Reconcile all the bank statement lines for the bank account: Once you find the statement balance in Clickentry correct then need to reconcile all the statement lines on the Reconcile tab of the bank account. It makes sure that every transaction that occurred in your bank account has been recorded in Clickentry.  

If you have future dated account transactions in Clickentry, there might still be a difference in the balances even though all the statement lines have been reconciled.  

It’s OK to have a difference when the bank statement lines for these transactions will be imported in the next one (or two) bank statements imported into the bank account. 

If you’ve done all the things mentioned above and the balances still don’t match, you have to check for unreconciled account transactions in Clickentry. 

  1. Check for unreconciled account transactions in Clickentry:  

Look into the account transactions tab of the bank account and sort them by status to check unreconciled account transactions.  

It’s OK to have unreconciled account transactions if they relate to statement lines that haven’t been imported into Xero yet.  

if there are still unreconciled account transactions and you know you have already reconciled them, you might have created duplicate transactions in Clickentry. You can face such issue when transactions are created to match the statement lines instead of finding transactions already entered in Clickentry(Link). 

You can delete duplicate transactions by selecting its checkbox and click Remove & Redo. (Just check it is in CE or not)  

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