Update Your Bank Connections

Update Your Bank Connections

Under the new EU standards, you require to update your bank feeds over the coming months. A notification is shown on your dashboard if you are affected by the impact of the change.  

What do you need to Know? 

Due to the effects of the new EU standards after 14 September 2019, some changes have been imposed on accessing the band data by third parties. Called Open Banking in the UK, this changes the connection between some banks and Xero. EU bank feeds are affected as well. Clickentry has partnered with TrueLayer to securely import your bank transactions from banks that have connections available with them. 

While many banks comply with the new technical standards, some banks will be making feeds available at a later date. Check this table for information about the status of your bank’s Open Banking connections. 

90 Day Authentication 

After the changes in EU standards, from the perspective of security, it’s a must for the bank connections to renew every 90 days. Clickentry shows you the notification on your dashboard when it’s time to renew the connection in Clickentry.  

How these Changes May affect You 

  1. Clickentry notifies you when you need to change your bank feed to a new Open Banking connection. 
  1. Clickentry shows you when a new connection is available with your bank. Click Get Bank Feeds on your dashboard to make the new connection.  
  1. If your bank’s gateway isn’t ready, you’ll see a notification on your dashboard about when your feed will stop importing transactions and a link to our support article about manually importing bank statements.  
  1. Alternatively, you can wait until a connection is available and backdate transactions. We’ll notify you as soon as your bank’s new connection is available. 
  1. Your existing bank feed will stop importing transactions unless you update your bank connection.  

Unavailable Account Types 

If you have a specific account that isn’t showing when you update your bank connection, this is because the gateway for the account type isn’t available from your bank yet. This will differ between banks and account types, and you can view the status of your account on this table. 

You’ll need to manually import bank statements for that account until the bank makes the account type available to Clickentry. Alternatively, you can wait until a connection is available and backdate transactions. 

Update Your Bank Connection 

To make the changes to the new bank connection, you must be either the account owner or someone authorized to access your online banking.  

  1. In the Account menu, select Bank Accounts. 
  1. Go to the bank account you want to update the bank connection for. 
  1. Click on the Get Bank Feeds button. 
  1. Click on the Allow button. 
  1. Select your bank account. 
  1. Enter the Login Credentials. 
  1. Select the matching bank feed you want to import. 
  1. Select the option:  
    1. Transaction starting from: If you want to import bank transactions from a particular date. Set the date after which you want to import the transaction. 
    2. All available transaction: If you want to import all the available transaction till that day. If you choose this option it will override the previous all transactions and add the new transactions into Clickentry. 
  1. Click Ok

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