Locked and System Accounts in Your Chart of Accounts

Locked and System Accounts in Your Chart of Accounts

Here you learn how you can use locked accounts and system accounts in Clickentry. 

Locked Accounts  

Locked accounts are used for specific purposes in your organization. You can edit these accounts but you can’t perform delete or archive action on these accounts. To edit a locked account, you must have the standard or adviser user role. 

You can easily identify the locked accounts. You can see a checkbox next to the account code for locked accounts. 

System accounts are included in the locked accounts. Clickentry locks other accounts if they have been used for the following purposes.   

  • Repeating invoice 
  • Bank rule that you’ve set up 
  • Tracked inventory 
  • Registered fixed asset 
  • As the payment account for a Payment Service 

You can use a locked account in the transactions and manual journals but it should not be a system account. 

System Accounts  

System accounts are some default accounts set up by Clickentry. These accounts are set up for specific accounting purposes and reporting. You may not see all these accounts on your chart of accounts as some may be used on reports or in the background by Clickentry. Also, there are some accounts that will be applied if you use multi-currency in Clickentry 

You can’t unlock, delete or archive system accounts. While there are many accounts in which Clickentry allows you to enter transactions and manual journals, there are also some accounts where it blocks you from entering manuals journals and transactions. 

System Account Allows Transactions or Manual Journals 
Accounts Payable No* 
Accounts Receivable No* 
Bank Revaluation No 
Current Earnings No 
Historical Adjustments Yes 
Realised Currency Gains Yes 
Retained Earnings Yes 
Rounding Yes 
Sales Tax Yes 
Tracking Transfers No 
Unpaid Expense Claims No 
Unrealised Currency Gains No 

Note: * Even if Clickentry doesn’t allow you to enter transactions or manual journals to the account but still, there is another way to record movements in a system account. 

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