About Manually Importing Bank Statements

About Manually Importing Bank Statements

You can manually record bank transactions into Clickentry by exporting bank statements from your online banking. 

When to Import Bank Statements Manually 

If you are not able to set up a bank feed to automatically import bank transactions, Clickentry allows you to enter bank transactions manually. 

There might be another reason to import bank statements manually if you have a bank feed connected but are missing some transactions dated before the automatic feed started. 

Import Options 

When you want to import the bank transactions manually in Clickentry then you need to export the bank statements from your online banking. It can be in either OFX, QIF or CSV format. Now you can import them as statement lines into Clickentry. If due to any reasons you are unable to export the transactions in one of these formats even then you can import your bank statements into Clickentry. You have to create your own CSV statement file(Link) using a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Sheets, or Numbers. 

Clickentry doesn’t allow you to import PDF bank statements.  If you have access to online banking then find another option to export the transactions. It will always be a good thing if you can view the transactions as a list. 

Alternatively, You can seek third-party online conversion services to convert the PDF statement to one of the required formats. 

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