Manage personal expenses

Don't miss out on the chance to claim back money due. Be ready for reimbursement for yourself and your business by recording each purchase in ClickEntry.

Simply record keeping of your receipts

Store photos of your receipts within the system, attached to your expense reports. Make life easier with a complete record of all receipts and linked expenses.

Reimburse employees for business costs

Have happier employees by ensuring they are not out of pocket. Individual items can be quickly approved or declined, and payments scheduled to employees.

Check billable customer expenses

ClickEntry helps to create a smoother employee experience. Claims can be made, viewed and attached to expenses, while awaiting approval for payment.


Tracking and submitting your expenses

Record expenses as they occur. Keep up-to-date with how much you spend and simplify the process of expense submission.

I use ClickEntry, which has a snappy way of doing expenses, makes it *almost* fun!

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Expense Claims in ClickEntry


Capturing and Submitting expenses