Easy cash flow visualisation

Get a clear overview of what goes in and out using the data you have already entered. Don't miss any payments, bills or invoices in need of attention.

Overview of outstanding invoices

Our dashboard will highlight unpaid invoices, each viewable by overdue date. Reduce worry with the ability to be proactive with outstanding invoices

Manage sales and expense budgets

A clear view of key accounts help you keep track of sales and expenses. See where your money is going, where it can be better spent and more efficiently saved.

Customisation to help you stay ahead

Use our dashboard customisation feature to place the information you most need to monitor for easy viewing, enabling you to take action quicker.

Dashboard graphs

Gain quick insights into your finances with visually appealing graphs. Customise the output and layout to match the needs of your business.

Integrate your bank accounts and cards

Have your bank balance and credit cart information at your fingertips. Keep on top of your accounts and simplify reconciliation.


Track specific parts of your business

Customise your dashboard with the information you're most interested in monitoring.

Connect an app to manage complex inventory

If your business has multiple locations, if you use stock to track components of products you make, or if you want your POS to integrate with your stock management solution, check out the inventory apps that connect with Xero and speak to your advisor.

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Dashboard Graphs


Tracked and untracked item options.