Clear & simple with Passion & kindness

ClickEntry plc develops clear & simple ​cloud accounting and payroll software for small
businesses in the UK.

Our team delivers this service to you with passion & kindness​.

Team Spirit

Our team, brimming with passion & kindness, is based near the river Thames in Hammersmith, London. We’re a family of programmers, designers, salesman, marketeers, football supporters, box set watchers, parents and hard workers.


The team is passionate about great customer service. That means both supporting our customers with a kind hello and providing a clear & simple product. Indeed, the focus of our boffin engineers is speed, quality and reliability.

Humble beginnings

Our story is similar to the thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs who are our customers. In 2008 our founder, Tim Fouracre, quit his job to start a business. His passion was to transform his simple accounting app, which was helping friends and family, into a product and service that could scale to help thousands of small businesses. He was a team of one, working from home for the first 15 months.


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